This is the full VMuikit package. There are three subscription lenghts available.

Since version 4.5 we have combined the old 3.x and 4.x versions. This means it is the same package for Warp 7 based templates as the new YOOtheme PRO templates. There is a setting to switch between Warp 7 (UIkit 2) and YOOtheme PRO (Uikit 3). Read more about VMuikit here.

€ 75,00
Latest Version: 4.5.3

Changelog Version: 4.5.3

  • Our changelog will show in Vmuikit admin component
  • Cart module alignment issues fixed for Uikit 3

Changelog Version: 4.5.2

  • "Show Plus Minus in addtocart" - New param added
  • Product Module Button Size issue fixed

Changelog Version: 4.5.1

  • Thumbnail size fixed in cart page
  • New param added for hide addtocart in Category views
  • Cart Module Alignment issue fixed
  • Manufacturer button alignment Fixed

Changelog Version: 4.5.0

  • Supported latest joomla and virtuemart

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All information, documentation and tutorials for VMuikit:

Read more about VMuikit

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